Progress is Impossible Without Change

As you may know, I routinely teach inmates at a county jail.  My course, “Living @5: A Spiritual Course in Thought and Time,” focuses on the key tenet that “our mind controls our body.” In the best-selling audio of all time, “The Strangest Secret,”  Earl Nightingale proposed a profound idea:   What we think about, we bring about.   Most of us are unaware of what we are thinking about in any given moment. But the law of creation does not cease because we are unaware.  We are creating in every second,  many of us without power or direction.  In two most wonderful books, the late Wayne Dyer teaches about power and direction:  Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, and There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.  The preface to the first book has a short line by George Bernard Shaw which sums it ALL up:  “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ( PS, Take an hour  for Peace and watch Dyer’s movie  “The Shift.” on YouTub犀利士

Peace and happiness are always just a thought away!  Namaste, Phil