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“I encourage every parent, teacher; coach, teenager and superstar to read this book. No one can read it without self-examination. I will never be the same and I am grateful for that fact.”
—Steve Young, former NLF quarterback

Perfect Brightness of Hope is not only a riveting, brutally honest story of personal tragedy but a guidebook for redemption. I speak personally—as this book has helped those I love chart a path out of addiction. Read it. Share it. Use it.”
Joseph Grenny, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success

“I was taken aback by Phil’s powerful story. Perfect Brightness of Hope is one of the most compelling, profound books I have encountered. It is life changing! Everyone should read it.”
Sean Covey, international bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effectice Teens

“To read his own words while he was right in the middle of trouble is fascinating. . . This is definately recommended for anyone struggling with addiction. It also offers a candid peak inside the recesses of the human soul.”
Deseret News, review

“I was cheering for you every time you beat your addictions and then sad when you were overtaken by them. I could really relate. I feel like I am a compassionate person, yet when I read the book I gained a whole different perspective on the power of addictive substances on our behavior. Very inspirational! It really helped me to be less judgmental.”
— Businesswoman and LDS Young Women’s President

“I was moved in many ways by your book-from gut-wrenching despair and wanting to yell at you-to elation and wanting to celebrate with you. Thank you for exerting the considerable effort to write it and for your fearless openness and candor. Thanks for caring about everyone else that suffers similar afflictions. I’m certain that I am now equipped to provide better counsel, with more understanding, to my ward family members.”
— Businessman and LDS Bishop

“Your book had me riveted. Your life story is fascinating and you write with such honesty. For a non-Mormon, it was also an interesting glimpse into your church. Your ability to relate the true glory and comfort of your faith is inspiring. Your book is terrific. I think you’re going to help a great many people.”
— Businesswomen and non-Latter-Day Saint from New York

“Words can’t adequately describe the feelings generated from vicariously living your experience. Often, I was deeply moved, which required setting the book aside to personally reflect on the feelings generated in order to progress in my own life. I can honestly say that your testimony has touched me deeply and helped me to look at my own addictions of various sorts. The book holds awesome power for those willing to use it as a means to crawl out of their darkness into the light.”
— Businessman and non-Latter-Day Saint from Tucson

“Wow! What a wonderful story–and so relevant in our day and age. I don’t know why, but addiction is a subject that hasn’t been addressed much from this level–a personal success story instead of a long series of lectures and how-to’s. Phil’s story is one that has already made a big impression on me and I intend to share this book with several people I know. One doesn’t have to be an alcoholic to realize the truth of his message–that despite our weaknesses, failings and addictions, through Christ we can all have a perfect brightness of hope. Well done!”
—Reviewed by a reader in Virginia

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  1. We read your book and were enlightened about addictions. Thanks for the insights and especially for the feelings of hope it offers to everyone. Thanks Phil! Marcia and Bob B.

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