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Perfect_Brightness_of_Hope_Philip_Simkins_authorMy name is Phil. I am an alcoholic and an addict — a Mormon alcoholic and addict! This is my story-a true and honest account of how alcohol almost destroyed me; how I lost everything of value-family, church membership, employment, self-respect, and nearly hope. I was not unlike many of you, active in my church, a father and husband. I even taught full-time seminary in high school and religion classes at BYU. When I hit rock bottom, something incredible happened-a miracle! The power of The Atonement rescued me in a most unusual way, in a smoke-filled room, in the company of other addicts.

It is said that everyone has or knows someone who has an addiction. We live in an addicted society-alcohol, anger, caffeine, manipulative-controlling behavior, criticism, food, gossip, pornography, pride, television, tobacco, videos & video games, work, street and prescription drugs—any destructive substance used or repeated behavior can become an addiction. To a greater or lesser extent, most of us have a drug or compulsive behavior of choice.

As you open your heart to my story, you will experience vicariously what it is like to be an addict. You will feel the pain, hopelessness and despair of being trapped in an endless loop of addiction. Your heartstrings will be tugged. But, I promise that you will also feel the pure love of Christ. Compassion born of understanding will increase. Most of all, you will come to understand that an incredible power to overcome compulsive-addictive habits occurs when you simply surrender your will and your life to a caring, loving and merciful Heavenly Father.

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