Prisoners & Perfect Brightness of Hope

I recently sent a copy of my new book to a good friend who is serving time in a Utah prison. In a letter to his mom, dated Jan 27, 2012, he mentioned the following:
     “I think I mentioned [in an earlier letter] the (LDS) Branch President’s plan to order 15 copies of Phil’s new book, “Perfect Brightness of Hope,” and his intention to give them to friends and some of the inmates here.  Well, he did so and I’m happy [and not a bit surprised :)] to say that Phil’s life and story have impacted our little community in wonderful ways.  Our Institute class Wednesday night was devoted to the subjects of hope and commitment and Phil’s book was at the center of discussion.  You [Phil] are an inspiration my friend, and your book is a Godsend reborn.  God Bless you for your tireless service.”  Josh

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