Overcoming the power of addiction

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Welcome to the website of author Phil Simkins and the book Perfect Brightness日本藤素
of Hope.

il was a loving family man, successful in his work and active in his church. He taught seminary and even religion classes at BYU. Then, he lost everything. His powerful story will lead you through the havoc of addiction to the path of recovery.   Learn first hand how to escape the endless loop of relapse and remorse in this profound life-changing book. An inspiring must-read!

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming the power of addiction

  1. Phil, I read a review of your book in yesterday’s DESERET NEWS. What a trail you have been over! Please accept my love, compassion and prayers.
    In case you don’t remember me, I belong to Irvin and Alice Allen, neighbors and friends to Shep and Vera. Your mother was always a favorite of mine. I remember her as a teenager, riding that wild black horse “Old Charger.” I was terrified of the animal, and she rode with confidence, joy, and great aplomb. I thought she was a goddess from out of one of Carrie’s myth books. I loved her. Be of good cheer and strength. Gwen

  2. Phil,
    Thank you for being willing to share your life with others. Hearing your story has renewed my strength to overcome some of my own problems. I felt lost and hopeless going through mess up after mess up and not knowing how to stop. Your story taught me that the only way to overcome is to rely on Christ and have faith in the atonement.

  3. Phil – Before reading your book, my thoughts towards a family member who was struggling with a similar challenge was “just get over it”. After reading your book, I understand so much better through the vicarious experience you created that is is not that easy and how i can better support this person and others having these challenges. My eyes have been opened and I am grateful for that. Thank you! Dan

  4. Brother Phil, It’s Ammon Hardin. You probably don’t remember me, but I was in the Utah County Jail for several years (2007-2009). You taught us about “Living@5” and living in the moment. I’ve read your book a few times and I just really appreciate you writing it. I think it’s one of the most true-to-life stories of addiction I’ve ever read, and it’s really helped me on my own journey. Since leaving jail there have been many, many missteps, but it has worked out. I’m married with two little girls and I’m temple worthy. I really have been wanting to give back to the people I love so much, but I don’t know where to start. Your name keeps coming to my mind so I wanted to reach out to you.
    Are you still teaching Living@ 5? Could I attend a class or give you a call?
    Looking forward to talking with you again,

    • Hi Ammon, Thanks for your kind words regarding Living @5 and Perfect Brightness. If you will email me at phil4joy@gmail.com, then I can email you direct and provide a phone number. I am still teaching Living @5 but only at the jail. Might do an outside class if I had enough students. I’ll wait to hear from you.
      ps. Grateful to hear of your success and appreciate your contact.

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